Ashley Madison

Eric was an active participant in the redesign efforts of both Ashley Madison and Join free platforms. He created new features, helped refactor part of the application and integrated third-party applications like:

  • Google tag manager (Analytical tool allowing the accurate measurement of advertising ROI on an application)
  • Zero bounce (Email validation checker service for large volume applications)
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    Redesign of the PayKap money transfer web platform. The goal of this project is to improve the User Experience by:

    • Creating a more friendly UI with fewer but concise information
    • Minimise user clicks and operation

    Dashboard before & after

    Fanci (ReactJS)

    ReactJS based application which allows people leaving in a relatively close geographic area to connect and meet (post meetings are meant to be spontaneous and have a limited availability and places). The app uses Google Map APIFirebase (database, storage, auth), Reactstrap and React-font-awesome. Users can create, edit and delete posts. read more