Eric Njanga


Eric Njanga has over twelve years of creative front-end development producing a wide range of award-winning customer and enterprise web products for fortune 1000 companies. Eric has a very diverse front-end/back-end/system-based knowledge and experience in building complex UI solutions for a wide variety of platforms.

Career focus and passion

Making sense of technology, making complex technical concepts easy to understand, teaching best practices, exploring and testing new technical ideas and concepts.

Skills, Assets, and Availability

Eric is primarily a creator: He can create with ease any web UI prototype from scratch (from simple to highly complex). He can prototype any responsive or static templates (using only CSS and HTML or CSS-based frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation or Material UI). He can also create any type of server-based templates to single page applications (ReactJS being his tool of choice). He masters multiple HTML/CSS/JavaScript prototyping techniques have a strong sense of User Experience and can architect almost any type of UI solutions.

Eric is able to work full time, to freelance, to write articles, create tutorials and mentor younger developers (an activity he relishes). With French being his first language, Eric is an excellent asset in the multicultural and bilingual Canadian work scene.

Technical Background

Over a decade of hard work, Eric has contributed to many high profile projects with tremendous energy, positivity, and creativity. With a positive attitude, he worked tirelessly, showing great creativity and problem-solving skills, often working long hours. His efforts contributed to some outstanding award winning web products and led him to very rich and diverse work experience in some of the wealthiest companies in Toronto (Digital agencies, Financial institutions, startups, …).

If Eric wasn’t a developer he would have been an illustrator, a painter or some sort of high-end visual artist. Eric has a passionate love for the “blend of visual art and technology”, this is probably why he has such an accurate flair for excellent UI. Working for more than a decade in some of the most innovative web projects, collaborating with a wide variety of experts while continuously improving his skills gave him an incredibly accurate intuition or for good UI. Because of his extensive training and expertise in core UI technologies, Eric understands the different correlations between them and knows how to best make them work together.

Eric is a creator, a Michelangelo of the web front-end, a master at prototyping any type of UI design or concept from the ground up. After several years prototyping UI templates for various systems (CMS, PHP, HTML, Python, or Ruby), Eric decided to embrace the “single page applications” movement, familiarizing himself with three frameworks (BackboneJS, AngularJS, and ReactJS). Shortly after, ReactJS quickly become his favorite tool because on it’s innovative UI-centered paradigm. He then endeavored to study the Facebook library with his unique signature training style, collecting certifications, books on the subject, doing many pro bono and voluntary work, connecting his React applications to various REST-API, web services and high-profile tools like Google Firebase. Collecting and showcasing these amazing projects helped his quick rise to the top sought-after React developers in Toronto in about three years.