React and the virtual DOM

The virtual DOM is a programming technique that keeps a “virtual” representation of the UI in memory and synchronizes it with the “real” DOM using specific libraries (ReactDOM in this case). The synchronization of the “virtual” and “real” DOM happens by... View Article
Eric Njanga Apr 08, 2018

Functional component: Definition

Definition A functional component is a JavaScript function that accepts a “props” object argument with data and returns a React element.   Usage A functional component has limited features and is mostly used for: Rendering purposes: It simply renders a... View Article
Eric Njanga Mar 06, 2018

Interesting facts about a component state

Each time this.setState is called, an update to the component is scheduled, this causes React to merge in the passed state update and rerender the component along with its descendants
Eric Njanga Mar 03, 2018

Thinking In React: How to successfully plan an application

React is a powerful JavaScript framework built around two basic rules: Data flows only one way: From parent to child components (down the component hierarchy) Component restricted scope: A component can only update its own state Being able to build... View Article
Eric Njanga Jan 26, 2018

Reusing code between components in React

Composition Composition in React is the action of using components as building blocks for other components using the techniques of “containment” or “specialization”. Containment Containment is all about creating “empty spots” in a component for any random component to fill.You... View Article
Eric Njanga Dec 29, 2017

Sharing state between two or more components in React

Lifting state up In React, sharing state between components can only be done by moving it up to the closest common ancestor of the components that need it. We call it “lifting state up”. Lifting state involves writing more “boilerplate” code than two-way binding... View Article
Eric Njanga Dec 28, 2017

Controlled Components

Let’s look at a controlled component as a tool in another component’s hand. Such a component have no “state” on its own and exists solely for the purpose of facilitating the application’s flow, for instance: A component which receives its... View Article
Eric Njanga Dec 21, 2017

React Component Lifecycle

Mounting React Refers to a set of methods that are called when an instance of a component is being inserted into the DOM. These methods are: constructor componentWillMount render componentDidMount Unmounting React Refers to the method which is called when... View Article
Eric Njanga Dec 14, 2017
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