2018 Resolutions

Eric Njanga Jan 01, 2018

2018 is here! Wow, it feels like the previous year just flew by. I feel greatful about 2017 because I challenged myself at many things, made lots of personal discoveries and learned tremendously. But, I also feel the need to improve certain aspects of my life, certain things I strongly feel about, the following is my commitment for 2018.


Listen more

I believe I must listen more to my loved ones’ advice. Like many men with big egos, I’ve been guilty of listening more to my intuition than to wise advices, which most of the time happened to be a bad move.

I find it infuriating to be standing on a big mess and wondering how all this happened because I wasn’t paying attention to a good advice.

So this year, I’ve decided to listen more, to be more attuned to my environment, more attuned to people I connect with in general, to pay more attention to the subtle things that seem irrelevant, but end up making a difference because they matter. So, I commit to being a better listener.


Be more present in the moment

This is one of my top flaws, I can’t help but mentally escape out there especially when moments are tough. But it finally dawned on me that life is also about trying to be present in every moment regardless of what they are.

Being present in every moment is important, it helps us enjoy more, feel more, appreciate more the best moments of our life (thus creating great memories), it allows us to connect more deeply with the people who matter (people react better when they sense you’re fully invested in the moment with them) and even in the midst of an unpleasant situation, being present in the moment might help detect possible solutions more rapidly.

But let’s not forget that life’s moments can sometimes be pretty brutal, so don’t feel bad if you decide to escape an unpleasant situation to alleviate the discomfort, we all do that! But if you can, if things are not too rough for you, please try to be present in the moment, this might push you to be more life conscious, create in you the urge for seeking better experieces

Life is also about trying our best to be present in every moment.

Personally, I yearn to get the most out of my life moments because as time flies by, I want to enjoy many different feelings (agreable ones mostly), enjoy the best possible experiences and thus create the best possible memories. So, I commit to be a man more present in every moment of his life.


Make my year successful one day at the time

Sometimes people set a goal and work towards it with such an intensity that they burn themselves out even before reaching the finish line. I’ve been guilty of this so many times that I can remember.

One year is about 365 days, and for most people, a successful year comes from the successful management of life’s core compartments, some of them are:

  • Profession & Career
  • Finances & Social Standing
  • Family, Love ones (or friends)
  • Health
  • Fun & Entertainment
  • Love & Sex

These compartments are so interconnected that any unbalance in one might affect the rest negatively (I’ve been there).

For instance, you might have a tramendously successful year in the professional compartment, but such a lousy one in the love & sex compartment. This can create a feeling of dissatisfaction, a taste of incompleteness … a feeling similar to the one you get when you are having a meal that fills only your belly, but not your cravings.

The true feeling of balance, satisfaction and success in life comes when one reaches an equal degree of satisfaction in his/her core life compartments!

So I commit, to make each day successful by working one day at the time, without overdoing myself, on the most important things of my life.


Work hard strategically

Working hard isn’t enough to succeed. You might be working very hard and achieving very little! By working hard strategically, I mean:

  • Finding a single target (more than one might distract you)
  • Studying that target
  • Setting a realistic timeline for preparation (yes, you have to prepare thoroughly)
  • Using discipline, patience, and faith during the preparation process
  • Finally going for the target (if you miss, review and restart the whole process)

Let’s suppose you are aiming for a promotion within a year, working hard at your current position might certainly help, but you might be more effective if you could:

  • Identify the needs of the position you seek
  • Figure out how you can satisfy these needs
  • Set a realistic timeline within which you will endeavor to acquire the necessary qualifications
  • Follow the timeline with discipline, patience, and faith
  • Go for the promotion (don’t be shy, start demonstrating your new skills)

Nothing is guaranteed in this life! We might give our best efforts and still fail. But, by adopting a certain wisdom, we can drastically improve our chances of success. So this year, I commit to working hard strategically.


Find one target, set a plan of action, use discipline, patience, and faith to follow the plan and hopefuly, you’ll get it!


Have some real fun

I’ve been also guilty of this: working very hard and playing very little. That was a bad habit that did more harm than good in my life so far.

Not having some quality fun while burning yourself out hurts you in the long run:

  • It opens the door to frustration
  • makes you irritable and gives you a permanent sense of dissatisfaction with your life (believe me, I’ve been there)
  • It also lowers your effectiveness at work

And by having fun, I don’t mean going to the bar, having a couple of drinks and watching the game, I call this “temporary switching your mind off”.

By fun, I mean doing something that:

  • Pleasantly takes your body and mind away from your routine
  • Excites and challenges you in a pleasing way
  • Relaxes and rest your body and mind
  • Excites your senses (I leave this one to your imagination)
  • Pleasantly surprised you
  • Makes you feel great
  • Stretches your imagination in a good way

Whether you stay in the same city or decide to travel, make sure the real fun you give yourself every year has these ingredients and you’ll feel a huge difference in yourself upon returning to your daily life.

Getting some real fun at list once a year can make a positive impact in your mindset and make a huge difference

So I’ve decided to treat mysel at least two of these lovely fun activities.


Living a good life is tricky. We work hard on certain things we deem important, then we find out we left out some other things who now appear to be more important. I believe by planning your year in advance, and making sure your plan satisfies the exigences of your life core components (career, finances, health, love, family and fun), we run the chance of having a joyous, interesting and fulfilling year.

I wish you a year of balance, health and fulfillment,  I wish you a great year of 2018.


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