My kind of fun

Eric Njanga Jan 15, 2018

The Raptors at the Air Canada Center

Walk by the beautiful gallery of boutiques and shops all around the Air Canada center arena. If you are a gourmet, why not try some of the fine restaurants near by? Once in the stands, enjoy a great basketball game (the closer you are from the players, the better), chant and yell with the crowd. Experience the halftime show and don’t forget to get cozy of your sweetheart is around, maybe your kiss will be captured on the giant screen?



Give yourself some serious their by experiencing skydiving at the Toronto’s skydiving facility:

  • Indoor diving: Stay indoors in a giant tube and experience the thrills of being sucked up and down by power full winds (very fun).
  • Airborne diving: Now this is the real deal! Jump off a plane assisted by and instructor and just enjoy the view, the air, the pressure, …, amazing!

Rural Muskoka, Ontario

Santa’s Village in Muskoka in Ontario is a great little area to discover. If you like recharging your batteries in the nature, doing some adventures, camping, you’ll love the place. There are lots of fun activities that can be done by couples or families as long as you love nature.


Vancouver, British Columbia

You can enhance your Instagram profile and give yourself ive some thrills by crossing the Capilano suspension bridgebridge (the view is absolutely breath taking), this also the perfect way to create somesome unforgettable moments with your lover (or lovelove ones).

Walk around the immence Stanley Park, enjoy the amazing botanical garden, breathe the fresh air. This is excellent for couple who need to reconnect and strengthen their bounds.