UI Architecture

Eric has the experience, skills, and expertise required to conceive, plan and direct the development of any User Interface.


Eric’s active involvement for more than 10 years into the study and development of UI components gives him a rich and rare perspective into the combined process of building, styling, troubleshooting and assembling the front-end pieces of any application.


His skills are multi-disciplinary as they cross-over various technologies (Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP), libraries (ReactJS, AngularJS, …), systems (WordPress, Joomla, …), paradigms (responsiveness, object-oriented programming, modular based development, …) and disciplines (UI, UX, graphic design).


He has forged a solid expertise and reputation of excellence over a decade of development, working for more than 20 companies and contributing in more than 200 projects (websites, applications, designs, …), this gave Eric a solid understanding of the business and politics leading to successful web projects.


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