Eric Njanga Apr 20, 2018

Being himself a young graduate in the summer of 2006 in the big city of Toronto (Canada), Eric remembers the excitement but also the confusion of entering a large job market. That’s why more than a decade later, he decided to offer mentorship lectures and advice to pre and post grads students (high school and university).

At the sunset of my career, I wish I have met someone who was inspiring enough to guide me along the way, someone I could go to on moments of uncertainty, someone who already had travelled the road was about to embark… I wish I had a mentor!


In his lectures Eric discusses various topics central to his audience:

Introduction to specific technologies and concepts

Here eric focus on presenting hot technologies currently used in the market to students. Here they learn the basics of these technologies, the reason behind their popularity and their best use cases. Students also get the chance to participate by asking questions or sharing their concerns. This is an opportunity for eric to connect with students and get a sense of their needs.

Technical Workshops

Workshops are the most exciting times for students because they get the chance to pick a technical challenge and see how eric first explains, then solves it for them.

Eric also sometimes picks a specific feature and breaks its creation down into a step by step process, highlighting the challenges, technical constraints, and best practices.

Students also get a Q&A section, very fruitful for everyone.

Job market preparation

University programs can be very confusing at time, that’s why Eric discusses in details the in and out of the web development industry and job market. He shares with students what are the employers’ common expectations and how they should prepare to meet them.

He also focuses on showing students how they can discover their inner talents within their given fields and how they can use it to soar.


  • Canada: one of the fewer countries in the world where the sense of hope, opportunities and fairness still exist for citizens and immigrants alike
  • Joel eddy Njanga: Eric’s older brother and one of his first mentors, who pave his professional way and has always been of incredible support
  • Toronto public library: knowledge critical and free access to knowledge is priceless. The city of Toronto, with its wide range of community services is an action is in Eric’s opinion the shining example of great urban development
  • Wasim Singh: Eric friend who helped pave his way to his lecture engagements



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