Eric Njanga Nov 30, 2017

Eric Njanga is a French-speaking master web developer (front-end), amateur entrepreneur and blogger. He loves to teach and build cool stuff and is originally from Cameroon, Africa.


Eric studied applied computer science at the University Of Montreal between 2004 and 2006 and later started his career in 2007. Since then, he attended various programs of continuing education in web development.


Shortly after leaving Montreal he moved to Toronto and first worked for 4 years as a junior, then intermediate front-end developer for a couple of digital agencies, then became a freelancer for six years and worked for several high profile corporations in Canada and the US.

In 2017, he helped found and develop UkumbiTV, a video streaming platform for French-speaking Africans where he still contributes part-time.

Past time activities

Eric Njanga enjoys socializing in modern urban settings, love discussing various topics related to the good city lifestyle. He is an amateur blogger, short story writer, and dancer.

When he has strictly nothing to do, he either writes a new short story or read a book (biography, fiction, history).

The future

Eric plans to become a team-lead, to teach front-end development and to explore possible applications of his expertise into tomorrow’s hot topics (artificial intelligence, internet of things, sustainable urbanism).


  • eric.njanga@gmail.com
  • 647-704-7219

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