Starlight Project: Landing page carousel

Starlight Capital

Starlight financial official website built with Joomla from a starter template.

Eric was in charge of leading the entire front-end into mirroring the project’s visual design and UX guidelines. He was also responsible for creating new components which will bridge the gap between visual designs and starter theme.

The entire project involved:

  • Assessing project’s requirements and proposing a plan of action
  • Manipulating Joomla’s administration system
  • Modifying the existing javascript and CSS code base to fit the requirements (add or remove plugins, change HTML structure, …)
  • Developing Joomla custom modules (php and Joomla module architecture knowledge)
  • Developing and styling Javascript components (CSS and Javascript knowledge)
  • Altering the base theme stylesheet
  • Reorganizing the base theme UI architecture (front-end architecture knowledge)

Project In Video

Project In Image