Canadian Government Startup Initiative

Eric Njanga Dec 16, 2017

The Canadian government just recently launched a program aimed at modernizing its digital services. The rise of tech giants and their disruptive impact on the Canadian way of life (shopping, information consumption, entertainment, …) has pushed the government into seriously considering migrating all its services and processes to the new digital environment.

Now with the Canadian Digital Service (CDS), the government strives to adapt to the latest and best digital trends and therefore better serve its citizens. For instance, people ordering a passport will now expect to have the same shopping experience encountered with Amazon or Shopify.

In order to achieve such a bold plan,  the government needs a solid and proven expertise in the tech field. And what better place to go to than the Canadian tech scene where abound the best talents, the know-how, and the right culture? So top talents from giants like Shopify are offered short-term contracts (6 months to 2 years) and encouraged to see their contribution as a patriotic tour of duty. Many so far has responded and took a temporary leave of absence for the CBS, who has at this moment 30 members staff but aims to triple it by next year.

Some changes are already felt has the government recently announced the plan to migrate its software development processes from enterprise to open source (especially after the costly failure of IBM’s phoenix payment system). We can then expect very soon services like veterans pension plan, citizenship ceremonies scheduling or passport application processing and much more to be completely redesigned for a better and more fulfilling experience. How cool is that?

I wish the government and CDS best of luck.

Source: CBC The current (Government’s new startup aims to create better services for Canadians)

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